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How to keep your bouquet of flowers?

15 May 2019

How to keep your bouquet of flowers?

If you want to help your bouquet of fresh flowers last longer, you will need to follow these few steps:

  • Step 1: Add 1 quart warm water to a clean vase.
  • Step 2: Pour 2 Tbsp sugar into the water. The sugar will help nourish the flowers and promote opening of the blooms.
  • Step 3: Add 2 Tbsp white vinegar and stir well.
  • Step 4: Remove all lower leaves from flowers so there won't be any in the water.
  • Step 5: Cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems at an angle while they are under water.
  • Step 6: Arrange your flowers in the vase.
  • Step 7: Display your bouquet in a cool, draft-free area. Avoid direct sunlight, which causes the flowers to die more quickly.
  • Step 8: Change the water every other day and re-cut the stems each time.
  • Step 9: Enjoy your long-lasting flowers!

We hope that your bouquet will bring you a lot of joy.

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