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Condo vs. house!

15 May 2019

You want to buy a property. How to decide between a house vs a condo?

A condo is a good choice for a buyer who:

  • doesn’t have the interest, time or ability to take care of the regular maintenance or repairs of a house (plumbing, carpentry, electrical, gardening, lawn mowing, snow removal, pest control, etc.)
  • likes the convenience and freedom of owning property without all the additional responsibilities and expenses that are likely to come with owning a house
  • wants access to amenities such as a gym wants a living space that will be move-in ready, without the need for upgrades
  • doesn’t mind living in a large community
  • wants the convenience of just picking up the phone to report any maintenance issues
  • wants access to amenities, which could include parking, concierge, gym, pool, common space, etc.
  • doesn't mind living in a potentially large community with neighbours living in close proximity
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